Dominator Fireworks, wholesale fireworks store
Dominator Fireworks Wholesale Fireworks Store
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Dominator Fireworks wholesale fireworks store

Dominator Fireworks Customer Feedback

Please, contact us with anything that you would like to tells us.  Both the good and the bad.  Best way to contact us is through e-mail.

If you have a problem, we promise that we will get back to you and do our best to help. 

Otherwise, just drop us a note, we love to hear from fireworks people!




Interested in shooting professional display's with 1.4G material?  See our complete line of professional outdoor low level aerial FX at our sister company Progress Pyro


Members of APA, AFSL, NFA, PGII, and many regional clubs (WPA, WPAG, etc.)

American Pyrotechnics AssociationAmerican Fireworks Standards LabratoryPyrotechnics Guild International