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Dominator Fireworks wholesale fireworks store

Make Money with Fireworks


The owners of Dominator Fireworks have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy.  They understand the importance of charitable organizations, and the need for effective fundraising.  Therefore, Dominator Fireworks is proud to support non-profit fundraising.  

If your group is a 401(c)(3) charitable organization or a recognized religious organization then selling Dominator Fireworks over the July 4th or New Years holidays is one of the Fastest & Most Profitable ways for your Organization to Raise Money.

Please Note that not all cities allow the sale of fireworks as a fundraising activity, Dominator will conduct the research and let you know if this opportunity is available in your area.

Your organization will provide volunteers to work the stand or tent and Dominator Fireworks provides the rest.  We provide delivery, set-up and removal of the stands/tents with a minimal rental fee, we provide liability insurance at a minimal fee, free advertising, posters, signs and catalogs at a minimal fee. Finally all the fireworks are on consignment so unsold items are returned to Dominator at the end of the fundraiser.  Your organization will realize a substantial profit when you sell at our suggested retail prices.

To begin exploring this exciting fundraising opportunity for your organization, please send an e-mail with the following information to:

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